Reflective Saturdays

I like Saturdays. There is always a lot going on for my family and I on Saturdays and today is no different. Well, it’s a little different. Today I am sick, which is generally not a good thing but today it is offering me a different view of my Saturday.

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Stay in Context

I am currently taking a course in expository preaching. One of the big points that they make is to stay in context. Be aware of the passage as it sits amongst other passages and be aware of who the speaker is actually speaking to. This seems to me to be naturally important but it is apparently a rather large problem in the Christian world today. Apparently folks like to take whatever piece of Scripture they like that seems to say what they want it to say and start waving it around or printing it on shirts, mugs, and bible cases Jer. 29:11 is a prime example…

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Biblical Preaching

I am currently reading Haddon Robinson’s book “Biblical Preaching”. For those of you that need to get back to basics or for those of you that are just starting to dig into homiletics I highly recommend this book! For me, someone previously steeped in sciences, this book provides excellent methods for crafting expository sermons and gives great detail into different types of sermons and their development. It has really helped me a lot and I am sure it can help you as well.


We had a guest pastor preaching in church yesterday and he delivered an excellent message on denying yourself in order to acknowledge Christ in everything. As is some pastors habit this pastor also spoke about Sundays being a spiritual refueling day, a day to go back to the well and fill those spiritual tanks so to speak! For many I believe this is true. My wife included.

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What to Blog?

One of the first things that came to my mind when I thought about starting a blog was what would I actually blog? I knew that I wanted it to include things about my daily life as a Christian and seminary student as well as some exegetical/study things that I am working on but I also didn’t really want it to be preachy. I also want it to be informative to seekers, new proselytes, seminary students etc. So I figured that I had to satisfy 2 broad categories…

  1. What I wanted to write about.
  2. What I thought people wanted to read about.

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From the Greek σπένδω, pour out as a libation or a drink-offering.

The drink offering was offered as part of the meal offering and was “…an offering made by fire, an aroma pleasing to the LORD.” (Num.15:10) The making of a drink offering was voluntary and used to recognize the greatness of God and the offerers devotion to God. A portion was given to God, and a portion was given to the priest, the offerer received nothing.

Christ was poured out for us like a drink offering, He alone voluntarily suffered death upon the cross on our behalf, so that our sins would be forgiven. Christ poured Himself out for us…