Anger Management

I have to admit that anger is something that I struggle with and I am certain that I am not alone in this! We all get angry, whether it’s the kids, other cars on the road, situations with our spouses, or situations at work there is always something that has the ability to make us angry. But have no fear, it’s ok to get angry, anger is not a sin. It is anger gone wrong that becomes a sin.

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Substitute Saviour?

We all worship idols, even though we may try our best not to. Sometimes we don’t even realize that we have in fact turned something into an idol. The thing that makes it most difficult is that we have become a society of idols. Everyone wants the latest and greatest thing or that big career jump that they think will turn them into what they perceive is a ‘somebody’ or give their life that ultimate purpose. For me I find that it is books and knowledge. I always seem to feel that if I read a particular book I will perhaps feel that I have a good knowledge of something, but of course no sense of enlightenment occurs once I have finished my reading, my knowledge has increased as it should and that should be all I expect from it, it is just a book after all. (Kind of reminds me of a definition of hell I once heard: ‘Hell is to execute an act of which nothing comes except to do it again’).

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Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth

Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth. (Mat 5:5 NET)

This is a beatitude that is often heard in the church. We, as followers of Christ, are to be the meek.  In order to analyse what this really means we must first break it down into its component parts and look at the original meaning.

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Today God showed Himself to me

“Give me a sign.” “Show yourself to me.” “I wish I could know for sure.” “…then I would believe.” These are all things I have heard and even said myself at one point in life. “Proving it” has become the norm in society today, and in some areas rightfully so. Nobody wants the bank to tell them that they are going to get 10% interest on their savings and not prove it after all! Continue reading

Authorial Intent

When a Scriptural author writes what either they themselves said, or what someone else said, it is of course divinely inspired, inerrant, and said with intent. The speaker clearly understood what they meant and meant to say it to a certain audience and for a certain reason. We must be aware of this when exegeting Scriptural text.
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