Seeing Is Not Believing But Believing is Seeing

‘Whom having not seen, ye love; in whom, though now ye see him not, yet believing, ye rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory.’ 1 Peter 1:8
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The Weight of the World

Life sure is busy these days! It seems like everywhere we turn there is something that we have to do, some task that we have to accomplish, some place we are supposed to be. At least a couple of times a week I catch myself saying the same thing to my wife “how am I going to accomplish all of this…”

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Thought someone might need to read this today!


We are a society of instant gratification, we want it all and we want it right now! Not only that, we want it our way! The latest? We want it! The greatest? We want it! The biggest? We want it! Sometimes we don’t even think of the consequences of getting it, we simply want it, so we get it.

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Who are We to Judge?

I was driving our dog to the vet the other day for a bandage change. (She had surgery to repair some damage sustained last Saturday during a run-in with a car. Thankfully she will be fine!) As I was driving through a particularly winding country road that was very narrow and had no shoulder I was surprised to see someone pull out to pass while driving towards me. Naturally I think “what’s this guys problem, he is a horrible driver!” I judged this person and categorized them as a bad driver. We like to judge people it seems and that got me to thinking about why!

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The Full Armor of God: The Sword of the Spirit

I have found over the years that having the right tool for the job makes a real difference!! After youthful years of dismantling electronics with nothing more than a butter knife and a pair of pliers I have managed to accumulate a number of the proper tools to do various things Both the Roman centurion and the Christian have been given the right tools for their respective jobs, the sword…

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