Back to Basics

I’m a big proponent of simple things. Simple desires, simple pleasures, and simple answers. Sometimes life gets so busy and complicated that it would often do us all good if we just took a minute to see through the tangled mess that we have perhaps created and try to simplify things. I have occasionally gotten myself in a mess with my faith and that happened this summer, now it’s time to get back to basics!

When trying to be a faithful servant of God it is very easy to lose sight of the simplicity of the tasks that we are assigned as believers. My wife and I are always looking to see what we can do to further ourselves along our walk with Christ and to further Kingdom goals. I wonder if some of you might have a list in your head like I do:

  1. Read the Bible more
  2. Pray more
  3. Go to this study
  4. Read this book
  5. Pray for this one
  6. Start this group
  7. Pray more
  8. Pray more
  9. Pray more
  10. Read the Bible more

Plus another ton of things that I won’t bore you with here! (A few more ‘pray more’s’ would be appropriate I think!) I have personally spent so much time trying to give God my best that I have become a tangled mess and it’s time to get back to basics. In line with that thought I have spent much time wondering how to exactly do that… to get back to basics. So I made a list. Unfortunately it looks like the one above… Then Christ summed it up nicely for me and gave me the greatest starting point for getting back to basics.

He answered: ” ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’; and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ ” (Luk 10:27 NIV)

I would encourage you all to get back to basics, love the Lord your God with everything you have and love your neighbor, everything else will flow out of that.

Grace & Peace



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