Witnessing: Go Out to Whom?


Have you ever heard that like attracts like? It’s pretty plain and simple. We tend to gravitate toward people that are similar to us, they seem so much easier to approach! We like to associate with people that have a similar sense of humor, similar interests, similar education and so on and so forth. But should that limit who we witness to…

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Witnessing: Let’s Go Out


The earthly ministry of Jesus was one of travel. Jesus never stayed in one place but moved all over the region spreading the Gospel message, teaching, and healing. Hence we too must go out…

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Here I Am!


Where have you been!!! Words that I always dreaded hearing from my mother! Words that could instill fear into the heart of any child, words that could momentarily cause you to fear for your life!! Thankfully that’s not the case this time! I am still here! I have not abandoned this blog and it has pained my heart that I have not written in quite some time! I decided to take a bit of a hiatus over the summer and pick up in the Fall. I started my pastoral internship last May and have been kept very busy with school, ministry, work, and family!! I will be making about a post or so a week beginning next week! It’s great to be back and I pray that some of you are still around too!


Grace & Peace,


Changing Seasons


A favorite saying of my wife and I is “It’s all in season.” What we mean by that is that life changes all the time. With every change in life you enter a different season. Perhaps you can’t do the things you used to do, perhaps you’ve finished an education, perhaps you have changed a career. All of those things and many more represent seasons in our lives and God is there with us…

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question mark

Have you ever been asked a question that starts with “Did you remember…”?  I know that I have, my wife says not so much, but perhaps that’s because she is the one asking me those questions… Remembering is an important concept in my household. I have to remember to take all the things I need with me to work and to do my jobs around the house. My boys have to remember to bring home their homework and do their chores. In fact, remembering is so important that we even have these little sticky-notes stuck in strategic places around the house for my kids so that they don’t forget… to remember…  I think it also helps to save my wife’s voice…

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