New Bibles

Thanks to Bryan from Chief of the Least for showing me this video!

To say I have a couple of Bibles is an understatement… We truly do not appreciate what we hold in our hands until we see the reactions of someone that can’t get their hands on a Bible so easily…

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Worship Wednesdays


Another excellent song by Casting Crowns: Who Am I?

It’s Not About You

Like many folks I tend to think that I can do anything. No challenge is too great that I can’t do it. When it comes to getting things done, like most of society, I tend to look to myself (well OK, to my wife too!). We are a self-centered society that likes to do everything for ourselves and in fact we have been blessed with a multitude of talents, skills, and discoveries that enable us to do just that. God is amazing and through Him there is nothing that we cannot do. Well, except one thing…

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Back to Basics

I’m a big proponent of simple things. Simple desires, simple pleasures, and simple answers. Sometimes life gets so busy and complicated that it would often do us all good if we just took a minute to see through the tangled mess that we have perhaps created and try to simplify things. I have occasionally gotten myself in a mess with my faith and that happened this summer, now it’s time to get back to basics!

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Now I Lay me Down to Sleep

‘Now I lay me down to sleep…’ This is a phrase from one of the first bed time prayers that I had ever heard. It is probably the most recorded phrase heard in Christian themed stuffed animals as well. As Christian parents we encourage, and sometimes force, our children to say their prayers before bed. This seems to be a habit that carries on into adulthood as well. We crawl into bed, close our eyes, open our prayer, and promptly fall asleep. Is this the right way to pray? The Bible says it isn’t.

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Substitute Saviour?

We all worship idols, even though we may try our best not to. Sometimes we don’t even realize that we have in fact turned something into an idol. The thing that makes it most difficult is that we have become a society of idols. Everyone wants the latest and greatest thing or that big career jump that they think will turn them into what they perceive is a ‘somebody’ or give their life that ultimate purpose. For me I find that it is books and knowledge. I always seem to feel that if I read a particular book I will perhaps feel that I have a good knowledge of something, but of course no sense of enlightenment occurs once I have finished my reading, my knowledge has increased as it should and that should be all I expect from it, it is just a book after all. (Kind of reminds me of a definition of hell I once heard: ‘Hell is to execute an act of which nothing comes except to do it again’).

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What Has He Done For Me Lately?

Unfortunately there are people in this world that use a ratio system to determine how nice to be to others. The base formula is this: niceness is directly proportional to the time between now and the last thing you did for me. In other words, what have you done for me lately…

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