The Power of Prayer


Do you remember when you first realized the power of prayer?

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God in a Box


I have often told my wife that I have a box in the back of my head. If I am given something to think about that I need to ponder over before coming to a conclusion or decision I say that I will drop it in my box and let it process. Weird huh? Weird, but true. Then a day or so later some thought will come to me and I will know what to do without having to have poured any real energy into thinking about it. Sounds bizarre but has been strangely effective over the years. Unfortunately I have another box and in this box I have put God, and I need to get Him out!

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God in the Hallway


My wife shared this picture with me this morning and it totally sums up my life exactly right now, life in the hallway! So, that being said, if it sums up my life it most certainly must sum up some of your lives!! I have to remind myself to praise Him in the hallway!

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Lessons From Childrens Songs


As my family and I were driving to church on Sunday we had a kids Bible songs CD playing. I started listening to the lyrics as we drove and the thought crossed my mind that sometimes we over complicate the most simple of messages and that perhaps we could all benefit from the simplicity of a children’s song from time to time!

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