Changing Seasons


A favorite saying of my wife and I is “It’s all in season.” What we mean by that is that life changes all the time. With every change in life you enter a different season. Perhaps you can’t do the things you used to do, perhaps you’ve finished an education, perhaps you have changed a career. All of those things and many more represent seasons in our lives and God is there with us…

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question mark

Have you ever been asked a question that starts with “Did you remember…”?  I know that I have, my wife says not so much, but perhaps that’s because she is the one asking me those questions… Remembering is an important concept in my household. I have to remember to take all the things I need with me to work and to do my jobs around the house. My boys have to remember to bring home their homework and do their chores. In fact, remembering is so important that we even have these little sticky-notes stuck in strategic places around the house for my kids so that they don’t forget… to remember…  I think it also helps to save my wife’s voice…

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God in a Box


I have often told my wife that I have a box in the back of my head. If I am given something to think about that I need to ponder over before coming to a conclusion or decision I say that I will drop it in my box and let it process. Weird huh? Weird, but true. Then a day or so later some thought will come to me and I will know what to do without having to have poured any real energy into thinking about it. Sounds bizarre but has been strangely effective over the years. Unfortunately I have another box and in this box I have put God, and I need to get Him out!

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Is God Selfish?

Is God Selfish

We only want what’s best… for us… How does that make me feel, how does that make me look, how do I benefit from that, will that make me happy, will that make me better, will that make others like me more, will that make me look the way I want to look? Ever ask yourself any of those questions? I know that I have! Let’s face it, we’re pretty selfish… If we are made in God’s image does that make Him selfish too? He seems to want us to bring glory to Him in everything we do, right? He wants us to pattern ourselves and our behavior after him, right? Is that selfishness? Is God selfish?

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Impossibility of Impossible

First let me say that I fully understand the difficulties associated with slamming a revolving door and finding something decent to watch on television as both of those tasks seem to be impossible or at least very near impossible. What I am referring to is more life situation or task related. We have all stood before a task or a life situation and thought to ourselves (or even said out loud): “this is going to be impossible” or “how am I ever going to get through this?” I’d be lying if I said I had never been in one of those situations as I am sure most of you would be as well.

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Finish Strong!

Christianity is not a race, although some might think it is. The goal is not to do more good deeds than the next person or to be more upstanding or righteous than everyone else. But similar to a race, life on earth is something that we will one day finish. Then the question becomes: How will you finish?

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