All Things for Gods Glory

Society today is at an interesting point. Information is only a click away, we are bombarded by streams of data to process everywhere you turn! I can pretty much find out about anything or any public figure that tickles my fancy in mere moments. We are such a super-productive society!! Oh wait, no we aren’t… It seems that we are also in an era of being lackadaisical. Laziness and mediocrity both at home and at work seem par for the course these days. Kids don’t play outside anymore and just enough work to get the job done seems to be the order of the day, but is this the biblical model for work and play? No…

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Today God showed Himself to me

“Give me a sign.” “Show yourself to me.” “I wish I could know for sure.” “…then I would believe.” These are all things I have heard and even said myself at one point in life. “Proving it” has become the norm in society today, and in some areas rightfully so. Nobody wants the bank to tell them that they are going to get 10% interest on their savings and not prove it after all! Continue reading